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How to View Images on the Web
  How to View Images on the Web
  Launch and Login
  1. Open Internet Explorer - go to
  2. Click on View Images and Reports.
  3. Always answer “Yes” to security questions and click the ActiveX control bar if it pops up. If you receive an error, choose the option to “Continue to this Website”.
  4. Type your user name and password given to you by the Landmark Imaging Marketing Coordinator.
  5. Click Login (or use Enter key). If the login fails, check the Caps Lock key; usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Also check the pop-up bar to allow ActiveX controls, or add the Dynamic Imaging demo server as a Trusted Site in the Security settings panel of the Internet Options dialog.
  Find Patient Record
  1. Click on the binoculars in the upper left hand corner.
  2. Enter your patient’s last name to display the patient’s images and reports.
  Study List
  Use the paging buttons on the toolbar above the tabs to navigate forward or backward through the Study List.
  • If the notepad icon is green, then the report has been attached to the study.
  Open a Study
  Click anywhere on the study’s row in the Study List to launch Image Viewer and load a patient’s exam.
  If you have questions concerning viewing images on the web, please call your Landmark Imaging Marketing Coordinator at (310) 914-7336.

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